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The secret in manifesting your dream to reality is believing the fact that you are gifted with ultimate force of life. Within you, there is the mighty power beyond all the energy ever existed. Within you there is a highest form of energy that does not represent the Supreme power, it is the deity itself. Your body is only the canvas that forms its artist’s expression. Just like all the artists who express their emotion through their arts by creating out of mastering the limitations. Human body is the masterpiece of all creation in three-dimensional reality. Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel is just a magnificent story to a blind person. Mozart’s Exsultate Jubilate is merely an imagination to a deaf person who can read music. Rumi’s poems are just beautiful lyrics to those who are not in love. Human was kicked out of heaven to get ready for the next life’s rebirth to those who did not discover the god’s art and had to come up with the story to justify their misery born out of Mediocracy. The true gift of life is the consciousness. The magnificent art as pure as the creator of all existence. The entity in form of matter yet heavenly as God. Just like any other art that is displayed at its optimized limitation, consciousness is not exempted either. Davinci created Mona Lisa with limited colour that human eye can see, same with limited notes in any music’s masterpiece. As well as the limitation with any language that poet can write. The consciousness is limited to time and space. That is the fact of three-dimensional reality. Meaning since it forms in terms of matter, therefore, takes space so rightfully so is bonded to time. However, if you recall, I claimed this masterpiece is as heavenly as God, so how could we tap into its unlimited power? If the time and space are the only limitations of consciousness; optimizing the consciousness means collapsing the time and space. Do not get too crazy, you cannot get rid of the time and space all at once unless you are not in form of matter. The key is elevating your vibration from matter to quantum. By raising your energy from the state of survival to exploring the possibilities; predicting your future by creating it out of unknown. Facing your fears head-on and overcoming your limited believes that weigh down your creativity like shackles. Everything in form of existence vibrates, hence creates a frequency. Higher vibration leads to elevated frequency, meaning more energy. Operating your analytical mind in low Beta and maintaining your elevated heartfelt emotion while having a clear intention is the secret strategy to ascend. In other word, forget about levitating if you are experiencing, Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Jealousy, Anger, Hate, Possessiveness, etc. By becoming nobody, you will experience the state of nothingness. By raising your vibration to level of nothingness you become no-one and then gradually to everyone. Only in that state of mind, you experience the absolute oneness that unifies the realm of polarity, which the two ends come together collapsing space and dissolving time. By tapping into pure consciousness, you embrace the ultimate possibilities of unified field. The ultimate possibility of the unified field is the Genie in the oil lamp, and you become the Aladdin by maintaining clear intention and elevated heart felt emotion. As I promised; manifest your dream to reality. Sky is the limit dream like a child, live like Aladdin. By mastering the inner game, you conquered the game of life.


Lots of Love


Business and Life strategist

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