• Passion-Discovery™.
  • Roadmap to success including the Passion-Discovery™.
  • Overcoming Depression, Anxiety, Overthinking, Lack of Confidence, Sense of Loss, and intrapersonal conflict.
  • Relationship Strengthening Approaches and Intervention Sequences.
  • Mindfulness meditation techniques to reach Gamma Brainwave, 4 to 6 months series.
  • Maximizing your creativity and productivity by tapping into Transient Hypofrontality (Flow State) suitable for Executives, Master’s and Doctoral students.
  • Monthly life coaching packages.

It is my dream to see more dreamers getting on their transcendental wire of life to experience the divine heaven.
Everything worth living is on the other side of fear, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.
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Hoss NotarkeshBusiness and Life strategist

Strategic Life Coaching

New version of you is a lifelong obsession that makes life worth living passionately. Only a new version of You can achieve your goals and dreams. Achieving our goals and dreams is the purpose of life. Between you and your goals is you! You combined with your achieved goals is the new version of you. You will become a new version of you through achieving your goals. Your biological, neurological, chemical, hormonal and genetical old self dies and your new version will be born. You have gone through the process many times hence you have achieved many of your milestones in your life.

At some point in life, we struggle to present the new version required to achieve our new goals. Hence our old version becomes our only version. We still hate the extra 15 pounds, we dislike our average income, we despise our tedious relationship, and worst of all we accept the purposeless unhappy life. All and all just because at some point we decided to settle to live a mediocre life.

The beautiful side of the described common mediocracy trend is you still love to feel the ecstasy of being super fit, successful career path, fostering a passionate relationship, and striving for a euphoric purposeful life. However just like any other super complex mechanism we need a tune-up to outperform our performance and deliver desired outcomes and goals.

Self-improving is the tune-up. And hiring a coach to support you in the process is the proven strategy that high achievers take advantage of to surprise themselves with the ultimate deliverables. You don’t need to feel stuck to reach out, just like all athletes who are excellent in their field of sport, yet they have many coaches to introduce them to new strategies and monitor their progress. The research shows most of the coaching clients are among the top 10% of social economical class, inevitably they are achieving the impossible.

A competent coach specialized in life and/or business can help you setting up a realistic-goal-oriented strategy that will be the key outcome of the coaching program, with long term objectivity of self-resilience skills. However more importantly, the key is recognizing your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. That is where you will need scientifically proven personal and behavioral analysis to dig into your core values and principles that are the gateways to your true authenticity and Passion-Discovery™.

My coaching philosophy is mastered through a combination of Psychology, Neuroscience and Quantum physics. To create an enduring transformation, I take advantage of most scientifically proven behavioral and character strength analysis. Similar process that is being used for Navy SEALs, CEOs, Senior Executives, and some Elected Officials. It is the same strategy that we use in my signature Passion-Discovery™ package that will guide you with a proprietary process to discover your passion.

Strategic coaching’s goal is clear, which is achieving a higher level of consciousness. Quantum physics clearly points out the direct correlation between vibration of matters vs their frequency and energy. The 2020 Physics Nobel Prize winner Roger Penrose teamed up with Anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff to propose a theory of quantum consciousness, which is what I have been advocating for years.

Our higher consciousness broadens our perspective therefore we gain an insight that would act as a compass to a prosperous life. Without getting too technical, the gate to higher consciousness is the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), which is positioned in a unique place in the brain. It acts as a seesaw between the emotional limbic system and the cognitive prefrontal cortex. In a few sessions we aim to ease up on the seesaw to open the cognitive prefrontal cortex, hence individuals with greater ACC activation levels exhibit stronger compassion, intense focus, less reactive, and strong cognitive control which leads to selective attention. With your new supernatural selective attention, You can achieve Your goals and live Your dream life.

My experience with Hoss has been outstanding. His expertise was evident immediately when he asked all the right questions to understand my situation and help figure out the correct course of action. If it wasn’t for his support, encouragement, and showing me proper next steps and direction, I should take, there’s a good chance that my first foray into entrepreneurship would have been a total failure. When the going got tough I was tempted to bow out and call it quits. His steady hand helped keep me in the game.

Hoss also helped me understand the key to success as mastering the inner game. He started patiently from basics and showed me the fundamentals and when I finally successfully fulfilled these steps, he took me closer and closer to my goals. With his help I’ve been able to accomplish my goal of establishing a successful business. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Kamyab Ghatan
MD, CIC, President and Founder of IPAC-Canada-GTA

Kamyab Ghatan


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