This is to reflect on my experiences working with Mr. Hoss Notarkesh in his capacity as an advisor and consultant in the retirement homes industry. I have known him for more than two years when seeking advice on feasibility and designing a retirement home in one of our properties on Sheppard Ave East, in Toronto. I found Hoss an ethical and professional gentleman, who delivers on time when promises anything. He is very knowledgeable in his field, and is an effective, efficient, and eloquent communicator.

I have no reservation recommending him for any role in feasibility study, management of developments, and operation of retirement residences, or other active operating businesses Sincerely,

Arsalan Mohajer

PhD., D.I.C., P.Geo
President Nedmar Enterprises Inc.
Chairman, Central Montessori Schools

My experience with Hoss has been outstanding. His expertise was evident immediately when he asked all the right questions to understand my situation and help figure out the correct course of action. If it wasn’t for his support, encouragement, and showing me proper next steps and direction, I should take, there’s a good chance that my first foray into entrepreneurship would have been a total failure. When the going got tough I was tempted to bow out and call it quits. His steady hand helped keep me in the game.

Hoss also helped me understand the key to success as mastering the inner game. He started patiently from basics and showed me the fundamentals and when I finally successfully fulfilled these steps, he took me closer and closer to my goals. With his help I’ve been able to accomplish my goal of establishing a successful business. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Kamyab Ghatan

MD, CIC, President and Founder of IPAC-Canada-GTA

Hoss is a dynamic, compassionate, intelligent, politically astute, and transformational health care leader trusted and respected by our sector. I feel fortunate to know Hoss and to be continuously inspired by him to improve quality of care and services within my teams and organizations.

Bahar Karimi

BScN, MHSc, PhD Long-Term Care Home Executive Director, Canada

The original testimonial is in German, from Mrs, Heuberger.

Thank you very much for the therapy sessions (Coaching with you). You are the most personable and competence therapist (coach), who listens to the client and takes the time to discuss every detail extensively. During all sessions, I felt completely at ease and secure (well cared). I strongly praise your professionalism and performance in the highest possible terms!

Mr. Notarkesh had helped me in our six consultation sessions to improve drastically in a way that that I have never experienced in my previous therapies. This is extremely important to be guided through a competent therapist, who can help you to get the complex issues into the key points and address them in a way in which they can be processed effectively. I have made progress and I thank you for that.

Mojgan Heuberger

Founder and Dipl. Eng. Architecture & designer at HEUBERGER INTERIOR

Bremen & Palma de Mallorca , Germany, 2020

The original message is in German from Ms. Larki, English version as follow.

The meetings with Mr. Notarkesh have been great. He is so full of energy and commitment for his work. His professional way makes the communication quite easy. You can tell that he turned his passion into a profession.
Thank you for helping me to maximize my potential.

Sanaz Larki

Medical and Dental Student from Germany

As a successful exotic bakery boutique Le Miel Cake caters to art enthusiasts who appreciate sophisticated sweet palate beyond imagination. Meanwhile Sina (Pastry Chef) and I (Niloofar, Pastry Designer) are focusing on our pastry masterpieces; we needed a business strategist to assist us in a strategic plan to streamline our process map and deliver a nimble workflow with least hands-on operation. Hoss helped us to develop and execute the strategic plan and as a result our sales increased exponentially by generating more qualified leads and higher conversion rate to the point that we had to expand to meet the high demand.

Niloofar Abshari

Co-founder and Pastry Designer, Le Miel

Hoss has assembled an enthusiastic team and they thrived under his leadership. Hoss transformational leadership style made a great progress in operation and as a result the team delivered the all time company record of: Strongest year to date growth in Canada +19 and Exceeding 365 day high by +4 (companywide)

Anne Pinter

Executive Vice President of Operation Atria Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Hoss supported the team to excel their goals, within few months the community from least deliverable community in the company came to top of every leaderboard! I appreciate Hoss’s leadership, I know it’s not easy but he certainly makes it look like it is!

Kristy Grange

President, Atria Retirement Canada

Hoss provided financial leadership and monitored long-term strategic fiscal plans to ensure Scarlett Heights retained the title of “The Top Revenue Producer” in Chartwell’s nationwide 180 home portfolio. The home was ranked 87th prior to tenure.

Susie MacMaster

Vice President of Operation, Chartwell, Canada

Hoss, great work on Resident Quality Inspection results from Ministry of Health. I am so proud of your work with the team, what a transformation. When I hear of these significant improvements, I am reminded of the personal commitment you role model every day to make this happen. It is not easy to manage LTC. Resolving the compliance issues at this location is something you should be very proud of. Well Done!

Joanne Dykeman

Executive Vice President of Operation, Sienna Senior Living, Canada

Hoss, I am writing to personally congratulate you on your recent appointment to Senior Executive Director. We very much value having your expertise and passion as part of our team and appreciate all that you have done to build the dream team to outperform quality indicators and to support our successes. Thank you so much for your commitment and leadership and all the best with your expanded role.

Lois Cormack

MHSc. ICD.D, President& Chief Executive Officer, Sienna Senior Living, Canada