Strategic Executive coaching

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Strategic Executive coaching

This plan is suitable for corporate executives and small-business operators/owners seeking to gain leadership skills to outperform their performance indicators. As a leader your knowledge, beliefs, leadership skills, behaviours, and actions cause significant ripple effect throughout your business. As a leader your role is more significant than just ensuring your team is working toward business’s mission and vision. Your position demands your attention across many different disciplines and jurisdictions. To lead you need to continually progress and strive to set new boundaries of performance for your business, your team, and your products.

Strategic Executive Coaching plan enables you to achieve your goals by discovering your absolute authentic version of yourself. Your original version of you is creative, enthusiastic, courageous, consistent, and passionate. The result will be nothing but outstanding work of art, including but not limited to:

  • sustain peak performance by tapping into Transient hypofrontality (flow, zone, chi)
  • enhancing decision making process leading to more effective and robust workflow
  • tools and resources to evaluate and execute, and engage your newly discovered and sharpen leadership skills
  • Powerful leadership rhetoric  

The plan is offered through six 60 minutes sessions, including two proprietary personal and behavioral character strengths assessments.

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© Copyright 2022 ( - All Rights Reserved