Entrepreneurial Business Strategy Package

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Entrepreneurial Business Strategy Package

This package is suitable for brand new up to under two years businesses. Not all businesses are qualified for this package, there is an interview process involved. Support and duration are extensive, especially during the first three to six months. You will have our support for one year up to 60 hours total. This package is every entrepreneur’s dream support to launch their business and seeing succeed. At the end of the day there is a reason that about 90% of all new businesses fail.

(Your investment is $5000 and 10% of gross profit annually for 5 years)

·        Branding

·        Marketing campaign

·        The 4Ps of Place, Price, Product, and Promotion

·        Managing New Product

·        New product design and Minimum viable product

·        The product life cycle

·        The introduction stage (launching phase)

·        The growth stage

·        The Maturity stage

·        The Decline stage