Zen Team Building™ workshop

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Zen Team Building™ workshop

Zen team building, or team development workshop is the process where a team with a common goal engage in a range of tasks and activities with the objective of strengthening working and social relations. To transform the members to a cohesive team, participants undergo team building and leadership activities that focus on understanding and trusting each other.

Communication is everything. Improper communication dooms a business to fail.

Zen team-building workshop is uniquely designed to match the organizations’ workplace culture according to their Vision, Mission and Values. Organizational team building is one of the most important investment any leader can make for their business as our workforce is the most valuable resource of every company.

The Zen workshop unlike other cookie cutter trainings focuses on organizational top priorities and taps into neuroscience, quantum physics, leadership, operational effectiveness, and psychology to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Helps build effective problem-solving skills to reduce stress
  • Increases innovation and promote creativity
  • Identifies leaders and talent
  • Improves job satisfaction, employee motivation and increases morale
  • Increases collaboration, and team camaraderie
  • Improves communication and planning skills
  • It builds trust and mitigate conflict
  • Increases revenue and productivity
  • Decreases turnover

Two x 4 hours In-person Zen Team Building Workshop (I & II)

1 hour workplace culture discovery meeting with the team leader to customizing the content

1 hour post workshop meeting with the team leader with strategic feedback and action plan

(Your investment $2.5 k)

10 one-to-one in-person/virtual meetings with team members (booked between the Zen I & II)

(Your investment $2.5 K)

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© Copyright 2022 (www.Hossnotarkesh.com) - All Rights Reserved